Vocational Curriculum Development and the Use of the Cluster Analysis in Occupational Studies

Year: 1986

Author: Hayton, Geoff

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Vocational curriculum development is usually undertaken after a thorough analysis of the occupation or occupations has been performed and reported.

This paper examines the importance of identifying the sub-groups or clusters within an occupation during the occupational analysis phase. It looks at the curriculum implications of these sub-groups and also the effects of not identifying the occupational sub-groups.

Methods of identifying occupational sub-groups using cluster analysis are outlined. Thes emethods are illustrated with examples of recent studies undertaken by the author and other researchers, and include:
• homeeconomics occupational study;
• trainers in industry occupational study;
• travel industry study;
• engineering technical workforce study.

In discussing these examples, someof the different types of cluster analysis will be presented.