Hierarchical Linear Models: Applications to cross-cultural
comparisons of school culture

Year: 1993

Author: Mok, Magdalena M.C., Ling, Teresa W.C.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Some commonly used Hierarchical Linear Models (Multilevel models) for comparing school culture, including variance component models, slope as outcome models, and hierarchical structural models were discussed in this paper. Illustrative data came from a study on a group of Year 11 students in Australia and their counterparts in Hong Kong. The application of these models in studying organisational culture using two computer software packages, namely, ML3 (Prosser, Rashbash, & Goldstein, 1992) and BIRAM (McDonald, in preparation) are presented. As well as comparing Hierarchical Linear Models with conventional approaches, the authors examined the limitations of the former in cross-cultural studies.