Education, Edueology, and Edueological Discourse: Theory and Structure for Education and Constructive Action in Education

Year: 1986

Author: Christensen, James E

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Language within the educational process constitutes educa- tional discourse. Language about the educational process constitutes educological discourse. Educological discourse treats the educational process as the dependent variable and embraces, at least, the scientific, praxiological, historical, and philosophical perspectives. Educological discourse is formed by the use of at least three disciplines: those requisite for analytic, normative, and empirical (both experimental and non-experimental) inqulry. Matlonal, con- structive action within education derives from sound educological understanding. Through studies of educology, one can develop educological understanding towards the ends of heightened sensitivity for educational situations, and the ability to espouse sound theory about educational situations.