Self-Evaluation of Tertiary Teachers, Student Evaluation of their Teaching and how do they Promote Change?

Year: 1985

Author: Moses, Ingrid

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

At the University of Queensland a questionnaire to students for their evaluation of tutors' and lecturers' classroom presentation and classroom management has been in(increasing) use since 1982. The introduction of the evaluation questionnnaire and the management of the evaluation system are based on the research literature on change. Student evaluations per se do not induct change. However, self-evaluations focus staff's attention on their own self-perception as teachers and possible discrepancies between self and student evaluation may then motivate staff to change.

Therefore self-evaluation has been used in the evaluation of teaching scheme to facilitate change. The paper discusses the relationship between self and student assessment based on the available data and in this also draws on interview data with evaluated staff.