Questions Arising From the Kirby Report's Traineeship System Proposal

Year: 1985

Author: King, Susan E.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper focuses on the traineeship system proposal contained in the recent Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Labour Market Programs (the Kirby Report). It explores six questions arising from that proposal. These questions concern the attrac- tiveness of the traineeship to young people, the impact of the traineeship system on school retention, the effectiveness of the traineeships as a means of providing appropriate training, the willingness of employers to take on trainees, the impact of the traineeship system on the youth labour market and the cost of the traineeship system fo the Government. In exploring these questions, the paper raises certain difficulties and problems associated with the traineeship system proposal. These diff- iculties and problems warrant consideration before attempts are made at large-scale implementation of the proposal.