Co-operative Curriculum Dissemination and Development: The Human Rights Commission National Schools' Program

Year: 1985

Author: Henry, Colin

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The H.R.C. National Schools' Program is an experimental form of curriculum development, research and dissemination. Over 150 teachers in schools across the country have accepted the Commission's invitation to join with it in a co-operative cur- riculum research and development task designed to investigate the problems and possibilities of improving respect for human rights in and through schools. The symposium will consider this social experiment from two perspectives:

(i) from the perspective of teachers making and studying changes in their own classroom and school practices in an effort to improve respect for human rights;

ii) from the perspective of a curriculum development agency working co-operatively (rather than managerially) with practising teachers on curriculum development, research and evaluation.

A number of Tasmanian teachers involved in the National Schools' Program will contribute personally to the symposium.