An Evaluation of a Regional Initiative for Gifted and Talented Secondary Students

Year: 1985

Author: Granston, Neil

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Since 1983, five State high schools in the Brisbane-South Region have cooperated in a cluster group project to provide an enriched curriculum for 50 selected Year 9 gifted and talented students. Students are withdrawn from regular classes one afternoon per week for six weeks to participate in three separate units of work (humanities, mathematics and science).
An evaluation of the initiative was conducted in 1983. The aims of the evaluation were to describe and analyse the critical elements of the project and explore the potential of the model for other locations. The evaluation involved the collection of student, teacher, parent, principal and co-ordinator data through a series of interviews, questionnaires and observations.

This paper will provide:
(i) a brief overview of the main features of the initiative;
(ii) a discussion and review of the methodology of the
evaluation; and
(iii) a summary of the major evaluation findings.