Realizing the Potential of Visual Information in Education

Year: 1985

Author: Ausburn, Floyd B., McNamara, Suzanne E.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Little attention has been given, in education, to the general training of teachers and learners in strategies for analysing and interpreting visual instructional materials. Given the widespread use of visual materials across disciplines and levels and the present lack of a simple means of interpreting the information, it would seem logical to suggest that some basic analytic and interpretive structures be devised for teachers and students lacking in substantial visual training. This paper will discuss weaknesses in present educational approaches to visual infor- mation in relation to interpretation and design. Further the paper will suggest a training program designed to provide a foundation for the development of strategies for the analysis and inter- pretation of information in visual instructional materials. Emphasis will be placed on a multi-disciplinary, fundamental approach aimed at the classroom teacher and the classroom environment.