The Role of Makerere University in the National Development of Uganda

Year: 1985

Author: Aligaweesa, Millicent A.K.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Universities the world over are having to change rapidily to match changes in their host environment. In the developed nations, questions are often raised as to the value of higher education for resources expended, while in developing countries higher education institutions are now valued for the contribution they can make towards national development.

In Africa, the contemporary view is that to fulfil their ascribed role, institutions of higher education have to move away from the traditional "Oxbridge" stance and operate in context of their host societies.
This paper is based on a case study of the role of Makerere University in contributing to the national development of Uganda. The study constitutes a thesis to be submitted for the Master of Educational Administration at the University of New England. The study highlights the dilemma faced by many third world universities in their efforts to play a leading role in national development.