What's in and what's out about who's in and who's out: a presentation of a model of teacher selection processes (Part 1)

Year: 2013

Author: Bowles, Terence, Hattie, John, Dinham, Stephen, Scull, Janet, Clinton, Janet

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In this paper we provide a model for identifying future candidates' competencies and capabilities. We view strategic teacher selection as an opportunity to implement procedures that will 1) improve teaching in future, 2) provide a better fit between pre-service teacher candidates selected and their experience of teaching programs, and, 3) consequently a better fit between teacher's competencies and career interests resulting in enhanced future, teacher effectiveness, engagement and commitment. The model is comprised of an application phase in which the pre-service teacher candidate completes information about themselves in regard to previous experiences, work history and their achievement. Various aspects of this require written responses that are analysed for content quality and as a measure of literacy. The second phase is comprised of tests of ability, questionnaires about self attributes, followed by a section on social interaction. There is the opportunity for structured behavioural interviews however, this may not be suitable in very large cohorts. Finally, the process of weighting the transcripts, scores, and ranking candidates will be discussed. We are embarking on an ambitious, long-ranging and rigorous research program to test the effects of strategic teacher selection as it has been outlined. The overall aim of the strategic approach is to augment previous methods for selecting pre-service teacher candidates. The model, and the rationale and philosophy behind the model will be discussed within the context of key contextual issues related to student selection in the Panel Discussion to immediately follow.