Video-stimulated recall interviews in qualitative research

Year: 2013

Author: Nguyen, Nga, McFadden, Amanda, Tangen, Donna, Beutel, Denise

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Video stimulated recall interviewing is a research technique in which subjects view a video sequence and are then invited to reflect on their thinking during the videoed event. Despite its popularity, this technique raises methodological issues for researchers, particularly novice researchers in education. This paper examines two different studies to identify complexities of using this research technique. The study reports that while stimulated recall is a valuable technique for investigating cognitive processes in relation to specific events, it is not a technique that lends itself as a universal technique for research. Attention to the justification and preparation for the use of the stimulated recall interview (SRI) as a data collection tool is needed. This paper recounts one study in educational research where SRI were used successfully and a second account of research where the technique was rejected as useful tool for collecting and analysing data.