Towards building belonging as pre-service teachers experience teaching in remote Australian Indigenous communities

Year: 2013

Author: Dyer, Julie, Dyer, Glenn, Charles, Claire, Marshall, Alan

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The presentation aims to generate new understandings for effective teacher education around the notion of ‘building belonging' of non-Indigenous teachers to their professional identities in remote Indigenous schools and communities in Australia. Increasing mobility of teachers, internationalisation polices in higher education and a globalised knowledge economy is shaping teacher education courses in Australia in distinctive ways. These trends translate into opportunities for pre-service teachers to undertake professional learning placements beyond their local community in overseas and interstate locations. The research is located in the experiences of non-Indigenous pre-service teachers (PSTs) who undertook a professional learning placement in remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory in 2012. Using understandings of place based pedagogies and professional identities, this paper explores the knowledge, skills and experiences the PST take from this professional learning placement. The experience provided PST with opportunities to disrupt and transform their understandings of history, culture, race, curriculum and knowledge that were highly valued by the PST as they build belonging to the teacher profession.