The Development of Themelic Christian Schools in Australia

Year: 1993

Author: Long, R. D.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

It is my thesis that a new generation of Christian schools has developed in Australia since WW2 that adds another element to the educational equation in Australia. It is my overall aim to critically examine the history and philosophy of these schools providing a context for understanding and dialogue.
Whilst it could be said that these schools are just another set of private schools, this is not their self understanding. This set of schools began as a countersign to the government and non-governmental schools that already existed at the time and the trends that were developing in them.

The development of these schools is primarily due to three factors:
1. The development of a broad, pluralistic, secularist attitude in education policy in the late 1960’s the 1970’s and early 1980’s.
2. The extension of government funding to alternate educational models.
3. Conservative evangelical and fundamentalist reactionism to social and cultural trends in the same time period.