The graduate teacher workforce: Shaping teaching quality in Australia

Year: 2013

Author: Mayer, Diane, Dixon, Mary, Kline, Jodie, Moss, Julianne, Ludecke, Michelle

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Studying the Effectiveness of Teacher Education (SETE) is a four-year, mixed method, longitudinal study investigating graduate teachers’ perceptions on the effectiveness of teacher education. The main target population were new teacher education graduates (those who graduated in 2010/2011) registered as teachers in Victoria and Queensland. The secondary target population were the school principals in those schools where the graduate teacher was employed. Identification of the main target population is drawn from Teacher RegistrationAuthority databases. The quantitative component of the SETE project involves tracking teacher education graduates through a series of four surveys, collecting data on the influence of initial teacher education on graduate teachers’ perceptions of their preparation and effectiveness across key areas and in diverse school settings. Analysis of over 6,500 responses collected from three rounds of teacher surveys (March 2012 – April 2013) is used to construct point-in-time snapshots framed in relation to the themes of curriculum, pedagogy, catering for diversity, assessment, and creating safe learning environments. Emergent trends and thepotential implications for teacher education are discussed and related to data collected in intensive case studies (n=170) and principal surveys (n=950+). The longitudinal components of the quantitative and qualitative data highlight graduate teachers’ changing perspectives on the effectiveness of their teacher education over time in the profession. The storylines of teacher education entrenched in the schooling and policy discourses are concurrently challengedand reflected. The large-scale evidence-base relating to teachers’ preparedness and performance in their early years of their career is central to shaping current and future policy debates by foregrounding the issues and needs of the graduate teacher education workforce in Australia.