Teacher level-factors: Islamic studies teacher and the lack of ICT use in the classroom

Year: 2013

Author: Alsharidah, Majed

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


To investigate the teacher-level factors that inhibit utilization of ICT by Islamic studies teachers in Saudi Arabia qualitative interviews with 12 Islamic Studies teachers and five Islamic studies teacher supervisors were carried out in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The findings from this study indicated that Islamic teachers face many challenges preventing them from using ICT in their daily teaching. The interviews revealed that factors which affected the teacher directly (compared with school level factors such as difficulty in accessing ICT tools, lack of professional development etc) were the prime reasons why teachers failed to utilise ICT in their teaching. Specific examples included low levels of ICT skill, low levels of self-efficacy and cultural and religious concerns that were shown to have a strong impact on determining the use of ICT. The data gathered in this study suggests there is a need to develop new and improved frameworks that will facilitate greater ICT usage for all Islamic Studies teachers. By examining the relationship between teachers' ICT skills and access to ICT at school as well as the importance of professional development, effects of a high number of class sessions per week and cultural and religious concerns; this paper will provide a broad and comprehensive overview of the educational landscape in Saudi Arabia where Islamic Studies teachers continue to find it challenging to use ICT in their teaching.