The marriage of education and psychology - creating balanced wizz

Year: 1993

Author: Jones, Patrick, Theol, B.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper examines a Perth clinical psychologist's innovative work with children presenting behavioural and learning problems at school. Dr Julia Solomon (M.Ed., Ph.D.) has devised a program, Reading for Sure aimed at reintegrating problem children back into the school. The systems process accesses resources such as; Reading for Sure educationalists, individual and family therapy, play therapists, emotional needs specialists, motor-coodination specialists and others according to the child's needs. A within- subjects t-test was conducted comparing Reading for Sure results with expected results using the standard educational programme. Using pre and post-test reading age scores over approximately six month periods, there was found to be significant differences with the introduction of the new program. The implications of these sorts of results are heightening national and international media interest and increasing demand for the program.