Powerful Indigenous curriculum towards creating global citizens in 21st Century classrooms and learners

Year: 2013

Author: Higgins, Aimee

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Despite a strong policy document, Aboriginal education in NSW primary schools is continuing to be dominated by stereotypical curriculum and pedagogy that strongly shapes the attitudes and opinions of this culture in the eyes of our students. What does Aboriginal Education actually look like in a school? And, if your school has no Indigenous students should this be a priority? The short answer is yes. It's much more than flora and fauna and time to move away from just doing a dot painting in your class once a year.
This research follows the journey of an Indigenous primary school teacher and researcher, in aiming to explore the dimensions of Indigenous curriculum in NSW primary schools. The aim is to create a purposeful and powerful curriculum that firstly empowers teachers and secondly engages students in Aboriginal culture, history and traditions in an attempt to turn our students of today into global citizens of tomorrow.
As ongoing research, this presentation highlights a 'concept based' learning approach to Indigenous Education suited especially for students and teachers in a multicultural community that has very minimal Indigenous population representation. In particular this presentation will focus on the development of this curriculum through 21st Century and ICT learning tools as well as Project Based Learning models.