InBetweeness: art and environment 

Year: 2013

Author: Almeida, Sylvia Christine, Burke, Geraldine

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

InBetweeness: Art and Environment
Geraldine Burke and Dr Sylvia Almeida, Monash University

This presentation is about how bark, old logs, dinner plates and Frisbees speak back to Art and Nature as a form of expression. By exploring school grounds and local places and the inhabitant plants, animals and birds - school children, teachers, Monash University students and lecturers crossed institutional divides. Together they explored and formed languages through which to express their learning in/through/about Art and Environment. This helped further their experiences that bound them together as a community of practice.
Geraldine and Sylvia ask, what can creative ‘art’ objects reveal? How can we analyse these processes and products? For whose use do we offer these ‘art’ pieces? What purpose do we further through these ‘art’ objects?
Geraldine draws inspiration from immersive art pedagogy and A/r/tography to position participants as artists, researchers and teachers and to analyse the artworks created by her students. For Sylvia her teaching of Experiential Environmental Education positions her as an environmentalist teacher researcher.
This presentation reveals the synergies and meeting points these two approaches buffer learning as Art and Environment rub off each other across several zones of contact. They also delve into the tensions and boundaries these approaches offer. InBetweeness discusses an amalgamation of these two apparently divergent approaches.

This InBetweeness is an attempt to find a meeting point between our Art and Environment pedagogies.