Challenges of integration: implications for teacher education

Year: 1993

Author: Gow, Lyn, Balla, John, Reddacliff, Cathy

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This presentation examines some of the major challenges related to the integration of students with disabilities into the mainstream of education with an emphasis on the implications for teacher education. With the continued movement to integration in all states of Australia, teacher educators must be sensitised to the need to impart skills in individualisation of instruction in all content areas. Towards the year 2000, teacher education will witness the development of more and closer multidisciplinary partnerships with a shared vision relating to the need to include all students in the one education system. The need to prepare teachers for an uncertain future calls for more creative and flexible approaches to teacher education. If we want a clever country, we need clever teachers. Clever teachers are those who appreciate that good teaching is good for all students. The paper provides a review of the literature and describes innovative, creative and flexible approaches to teacher education which have been researched by the authors.