Disrupting the label: a 4D research method for re-constituting ‘the other' and ‘othered' through theory, narrative, metaphor and constructive conversation

Year: 2013

Author: Findlay, Yvonne S, Jones, Janice K

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Life-stories explore who we are; how others view us; and allow critical analysis of labeling and othering as mechanisms of power and dehumanisation. The researchers have developed a method for mining narratives. This  4 Dimensional approach engages agency theory; autobiographical narrative; metaphor and symbol; and constructive conversations.
This methodology sympathetically explores Van Manen's concept of ‘lived experience' allowing a deepening of our understanding of phenomenological inquiry through the development of what we consider to be a new method for narrative deconstruction and re-construction.The presentation responds to the theme through its critical analysis of the ways inwhich we relate to each other through narrative, conversation, symbol and image. It considers the negative impact upon human relationships of labeling: the ‘othering' of those whom we do not fully understand, are reluctant to know and who do not fit neatly into our construct of the world.