Disrupting the habit of interviewing

Year: 2013

Author: Honan, Eileen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

"The painter does not paint on an empty canvas, and neither does the writer write on a blank page; but the page or canvas is already so covered with preexisting, preestablished clichés that it is first necessary to erase, to clean, to flatten, even to shred, so as to let in a breath of air from the chaos that brings us the vision" (Deleuze & Guattari, 1991, p. 204).In this paper I want to consider how the ‘eighth moment' can provide a space and time where we can move away from traditional and cliched descriptions of research methods. In particular, the habit of interviewing as method will be deconstructed and interrogated as "naive views of the interview" contribute to a lack of rigour in qualitative research Sandelowski (2002). The deconstruction of interview as method will work to erase, clean and flatten, in order to think about ways of writing/speaking/representing the interactions between researcher and researched that will breathe new life into qualitative inquiries This provides an illustration of the genre blurring that Denzin spoke of while also opening a space where new researchers can morally and ethically describe their poststructural research within an era of strange and false accounts of accountability and standards.Deleuze & Guattari, 1991, What is Philosophy, New York: Columbia University Press Sandelowski, M. (2002) Reembodying Qualitative Inquiry, Qualitative Health Research 12 (1): 104-115.