Year: 1993

Author: Evans, G., Galbraith, P., Goos, M.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This symposium is concerned with changes in the theoretical orientation, knowledge about teaching and learning and the practical performance of student teachers. It is also concerned with the relationships between these three aspects of professional learning. The main study to be reported contrasted three groups of student teachers undertaking the one year end©on Diploma in Education course at the University of Queensland. For the first group, changes were examined in their beliefs and knowledge, sources of knowledge about teaching, and their own approach to learning over an eight month period. For the second group, additional data were obtained by interviews and observations associated with two lessons taught by each student early and late in their total teaching practice experience. For the third group, yet additional data were obtained from three intervening lessons, following each of which the student teachers also participated in more detailed reflection on their teaching. At the end of the year, additional information was also available on the practice teaching performance of the students. This design repeated in both 1992 and 1993 allowed a number of comparisons over time as well as between the three groups. Many of the results are qualitative in nature, but a number of quantitative comparisons may also be made.