A survey on english autonomous learning issues of EFL students in Scotland Aberdeen University Language Center and the implications for learners

Year: 2013

Author: Zhang, Rui

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


Autonomous learning is a leaning paradigm which plays a significant role in learning English. In order to better understand EFL students’ self-directed (Hiemstra, 1994) way of learning and help them improve their English efficiently, it attaches great importance to study their English autonomous learning. This paper reports on one aspect of a small-scale study which aims at what English autonomous leaning issues the EFL students have and tries to propose possible strategies the students could use in their autonomous learning. Questionnaire and interview surveys are to be conducted among the EFL students in Aberdeen University Language Center. Data analysis will be done after survey and the issues are expected to be exposed to the readers. Based on the analysis of the data and statistics, some practical strategies are provided.