"No kid is an island": big ideas in the gallery

Year: 2013

Author: Winchester, Kate

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The arts as a discipline offer a key to enable a moral approach to pursuing creative pedagogy. This presentation will examine theoretically and empirically the relationship between creativity, the arts and a humanistic approach to learning by reporting on the on-going PhD research of integrated arts-based programs operating within three socially disadvantaged school contexts. In principle, the pursuit of fostering creativity and arts practice is governed by a commitment to student engagement and that pedagogical approaches that engage the cognitive and affective can support more equitable student outcomes.
This presentation attempts to highlight how arts pedagogy can provide, particularly for students in low socio-economic areas, intellectually demanding and socially supportive classroom environments in order to engage students, as a matter of social justice.  As such, purposeful arts programs can provide a platform for students to engage in ‘big ideas’ of human significance and impact.