Directions in Quality and Accessibility

Year: 2005

Author: Arthur, Evan, Harvey, Leanne

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The Australian Government is establishing Quality and Accessibility Frameworks for Publicly Funded Research. This presentation will provide an overview of progress with both Frameworks.

The aim of the Research Quality Framework is to provide a mechanism to produce reliable, transparent and efficient assessments of research that is consistent across publicly funded universities and research agencies and that demonstrates the benefits of research to the wider community. During April-May 2005, consultations will be undertaken on the Framework with key stakeholders, culminating in a National Stakeholder Forum in June 2005. The Forum will consider potential models of research assessment. This will be followed by trialling of possible models to feed into advice on Framework options.

Value from research accrues through the effective dissemination of the results of research. The highest quality research is of little utility if it is not discoverable, accessible, and shareable. The Accessibility Framework aims to address this gap by ensuring that the results of research are effectively disseminated. The presentation will provide a summary of advances on the accessibility of publicly funded research, including directions that have been taken in enhancing the dissemination of research outputs in order to maximise the value for money for investment in research.