But It's Harder This Way

Year: 1993

Author: Kirkpatrick, Denise, Fuller, Richard, Chalmers, Denise

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

One of the challenges faced by university students concerns the management of their study. Many students find that they need to acquire new learning and study strategies in order to cope with the requirements of university. While some students are able to learn new strategies or adapt old strategies, most do not do so. It seems appropriate that universitities should provide students with assistance to learn and develop appropriate study strategies and skills to meet the requirements of university study. A number of such courses have been offered in universities but there is little evidence to show that these courses have been effective. This paper reports the development and implementation of a program of instruction which aimed to teach students relevant skills and strategies in the context of a first year (undergraduate) Education unit. The program is part of a larger research project investigating students' goals and approaches to study (Chalmers, Fuller & Kirkpatrick, 1993).