Are highly literate Australian adolescents really more confident
speakers than American? Using the PRCF Scale.

Year: 1992

Author: Travers, Dr. D. M. Murison

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

McCroskey's (1977) Personal Report of Communication Fear (PRCF) scale was used with attitude questionnaires on classroom speaking to survey 1746 adolescents (Grade 7-12) in Australia, USA, some European countries and HongKong. The American sample scored higher confidence and lower apprehension than McCroskey's average, possibly because the sample was from highly literate honors classes in USA, rather than any attitude change since the PRCF was validated. The PRCF scale suggested than more Australian adolescents were confident speakers and fewer were apprehensive than the literate American group. Comparisons are made with the general questionnaire, and questions raised about the scale and national differences in adolescent attitudes to self reporting.