LEAP21 professional learning in Brunei Darussalam

Year: 2012

Author: Sithamparam, Saratha V., Wood, Keith Robert John

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


ITL-LEAP21 was introduced in Brunei in April 2012 with the Ministry of Education as country partner and Universiti Brunei Darussalam as research partner. National development plans for the oil-rich sultanate highlight economic diversification, with 21st century competencies in education as a key driver. For best fit in the Brunei context, ITL-LEAP21 is conceptualized as a vehicle for operationalizing the key aims of the national curriculum, as its dimensions reflect defining features of the curriculum that are often very new concepts for Bruneian teachers. Preliminary findings from interviews, observations and questionnaires indicate that teachers view ITL-LEAP21 rubrics as having “unlocked” terms in the curriculum document, provided a framework to guide their lesson design, and given teachers a common language to discuss their practice.

This presentation will also discuss the ongoing program refinement and active engagement across sectors that are essential to the systemic integration of ITL-LEAP21 in Brunei's centralized education system.