Asia as critical and self-critical educational research method

Year: 2012

Author: Singh, Michael, Qi, Jing

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


This paper is animated by the development of the concept of educational globalization with Sino-Australian theoretic-linguistic characteristics. Methodologically, this paper advances the unusual idea of educational research for Sino-Australian critique; a concept which we admit is quite a typical for educational research in Australia. The novel Sino-Australian concept, dingtian lidi research is analysed to give expression to our argument. This presentation is informed by a reading of the different lessons to be gained from 'Asia as Method' for Eurasian critical theorising, in particular the lessons to be drawn from the key concepts in and across each chapter, as well as the lessons detected in the readings others have made of this work. The paper provides insights into pedagogies derived from recent research into efforts to interrupt the prevailing sense and sensibilities of Euro-American based teacher education and research education in Australia.