Year: 1992

Author: Smith, Paula M.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper is a Report of a Research Project funded by DEET through The Gender Equity in Curriculum Reform Project in 1992. The research investigates the role that language plays in the construction of gender in a number of selected primary schools for girls in Years 4-6. The schools are located in the Western region of the Department of School Education NSW and the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Townsville. The research is based on a process used by the Equal Opportunities Consortium at the London Institute of Education throughout the late 1980's. The research is one of a number funded through the Innovative Projects of the Gender Equity in Curriculum Reform Project and its findings and outcomes have implications for all Australian Primary Schools, as teachers who have experienced this Inservice process seem to become empowered to intervene in gender construction practices in their own classrooms. This paper investigates the story of one of the participants in the above project during the course of 1992.