LEAP21 professional learning in Australia

Year: 2012

Author: Shaw, Kylie, Holmes, Kathryn, Preston, Greg, Smith, Max

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


In the first phase of the ITL Research project in Australia, a survey implemented across 22 high schools in NSW found disparity within schools in teacher perceptions of innovative practice. As the teacher is a key factor in shaping students' opportunities to develop 21st century skills, there is a need to direct professional learning of teachers to whole-school evidence-based approaches which enable innovative practices to flourish. 

In light of the changes to national curriculum frameworks and the instigation of national teacher standards, education systems across Australian are undergoing renewal. The ITL-LEAP21 professional learning program aims to improve teacher capacity to design learning activities which result in 21st century learning outcomes for students. Teachers find this a valuable learning experience which instigates change within schools and enables teachers to plan collaboratively across discipline areas. Through interview, observation, and questionnaire data, this paper describes preliminary findings of ITL-LEAP21 implementation in Australia.