The link between student engagement and commitment: Exploring gender differences in the use of learning plans

Year: 2012

Author: Schuster, Susann

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


Against the backdrop of numerous studies, the multi-dimensional concept of school engagement has been linked to students' academic performance. In this context, it has further been proposed that student attachment needs to convert into emotional and behavioural engagement in order to have a positive effect on student performance. In the light of this discussion, this work aims to identify the link between students' attachment, here referred to as commitment, towards forms of learning plans and student engagement. (Learning plans in this work refer to agreements between the student and teacher/parent on particular learning goals, tasks to achieve the latter, and a specific timeframe within which the tasks need to be completed.) It further discusses findings from a longitudinal study which proposes that 'gender' represents a significant factor in determining the link between student commitment and engagement.