Research in Ethiopia: Exploring the situation of teachers of children with disabilities in different school settings

Year: 2012

Author: Schiemer, Margarita, Teklemariam, Alemayehu

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


In Addis Ababa, 130 interviews as well as focus group discussions were conducted with children, parents, teachers, and other experts in different school settings (integrative, special units, special schools). Unexpected teacher and headmaster turnovers in public schools presented challenges to the research process. Interview data suggest reasons for this turnover: (1) the teaching profession was not the first choice for most teachers, (2) teaching in integrative settings without adequate training, support, and materials is regarded as a big challenge, (3) teachers in special units of regular schools feel left alone and sometimes not valued for their work, (4) team work between special and regular teachers seems to cause conflicts.  However, special education teachers in special schools didn't voice (3) and (4). The presentation focuses on these issues' relevance and their implications for inclusive education.