Developing self-regulated learners in secondary schools

Year: 2012

Author: Salter, Prue

Type of paper: Refereed paper


This paper draws on emerging data from a doctoral study exploring how schools approach the development of self-regulated learners in Year 7-12. The research is exploring stakeholders' attitudes, beliefs, experiences and perceptions around the development of self-regulated learning (SRL) in contemporary secondary schools and how new and emerging technologies might mediate these approaches. The paper outlines self-regulation strategies informed by the literature, including shifting responsibility to the student, providing social experiences such as modelling, scaffolding, allowing students a measure of personal choice and control, positive reinforcement and teacher guidance, integration of self-regulatory strategies into classroom teaching and relevance, outlining content relevance, and creating opportunities for reflection on learning.  Preliminary findings are presented from phase one of the study, examining the stakeholders' perceptions of what actually takes place in secondary schools.