In quest of mutual understanding: Insights into the educational situation of children with disabilities in Bangkok

Year: 2012

Author: Proyer, Michelle, Sriwanyong, Siriparn

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


Data collection took place in more than 20 educational institutions and involved about 150 participants. Currently the data set encompasses 23 cases (each consisting of child, parent, teacher) and expert interviews. English interview guidelines and questionnaires had to be adapted given the specific cultural and linguistic context (e.g. no passive construction in Thai). Following Grounded Theory, in-depth discussions about meanings of wordings and varying understandings of concepts such as 'normal', 'disabled', or 'acceptance' must be considered in analyses and interpretations of barriers and facilitators for children with disabilities. This presentation elaborates the significance of choosing words according to who is talking/ listening/ translating but also pinpoints relevant findings (e.g. on parents' views and acceptance of disability, teachers' perspectives on causes of disabilities) and what this all means in cross-cultural comparison.