What's in a name? That which we call engagement by any other name would look and sound as 'sweet'

Year: 2012

Author: Munns, Geoff

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


No apologies to Shakespeare. This paper works across both sides of 'star crossed lovers' positions: the psychology and sociology of education. It draws on research into student engagement from the Fair Go Project that takes a pedagogical view of the relationships that poor students have with education, schools and classrooms. In taking this view, the project holds motivation and engagement in a harmonized tension. It does this though its MeE Framework that is designed to capture the individual thoughts and actions of students (psychology of education) and the wider classroom social and cultural processes and relationships (sociology of education) that impact students' connection to and sense of place in school. The research of the Fair Go Project focuses on the impact of teachers' pedagogies on student engagement and so is directly concerned with what might make an educational difference for students from poor backgrounds. In this sense it's more about what 'school is for me' looks and sounds like than what's in its name.