Vocational/Occupational Training in Pacific Island Nations: Some Problems and Reccomendations

Year: 1992

Author: Pillay, Dr Hitendra

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The paper is based on surveys done to establish the cause of manpower problems in the Pacific region together with the author's personal observations over nine years while working in the region. It is often assumed that the problems lies in the improvements and /or extension of vocational occupational education. This is partially true because there is evidence to suggest current shortage of skilled manpower is a result of government priorities (in educational spending), emigration of skilled workers, inefficient use of trained personnel, inadequate rewards offered to recruit and retain highly skilled teachers of vocational/occupational subjects at post secondary level. The diverse background and the level of industrialisation among the Pacific Island Nations, present a wide range of problems. As a result, the paper will address some general issues first and then present, country by country, issues pertaining to vocational/ occupational education and training.