Validation of the structural relationship among individual-oriented and social-oriented achievement motivations, achievement goals and study approaches of Chinese student teachers

Year: 2012

Author: Leung, Man-Tak

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


The objective of the study is to examine how Chinese achievement motivations (social-oriented achievement motivation, SOAM), individual-oriented achievement motivation, IOAM) related to achievement goals and study approaches in Hong Kong teacher education students. One hundred and ninety-seven students were selected to participate in the study. They were administered a questionnaire consisting of three separate scales involving achievement motivations, goals and achievement behaviors. Results indicate that the psychometric properties (via reliability and confirmatory factor analysis) are desirable and promising. Findings of the path analysis reveal that IOAM has positive significant effect on the mastery goal. Whereas the SOAM has negative effect on the mastery goal, but at the same time, has positive effect on the performance demonstration goal as well as the performance avoidance goal. Result also demonstrates that the mastery goal has positive effect on the deep approach of studying, but negative effect on the surface approach. The performance demonstration goal has no significant influences on the deep approach and the surface approach. For the performance avoidance goal, it has positive and significant effect on the surface approach. Besides, there are strong evidences that empirical data confirmed the existence of a valid and desirable structural model consisting of all the academic motivation and learning constructs. It can be concluded that Chinese achievement motivations can serve as significant antecedent to Chinese student teachers' achievement behaviors. The present study also augments the knowledge and understanding of the Chinese achievement motivations connecting with students' goals and study approaches.