Div.section1 towards a model for clinical reasoning in teacher education

Year: 2012

Author: Kriewaldt, Jeana, Turnidge, Dagmar

Type of paper: Abstract refereed



As an increasing number of teaching qualifications are underpinned by the concept of clinical practice and which draws on clinical education research in the health professions, it is timely to develop a model of clinical reasoning that is specifically designed for effective teaching by clinical educators.


This paper takes a conceptual approach informed by theoretical and empirical literature. Through model building, we aim to describe what clinical reasoning is and how it can be developed.


This paper outlines a model of clinical reasoning that is specifically designed for initial and ongoing teachers in the field of education. We argue that there ought to be a greater emphasis on developing explicit clinical reasoning in initial and ongoing teacher education.


By moving away from apprenticeship and craft models of teaching and beyond conceptions of the introspective reflective practitioner that were prevalent in teacher education, we propose that use of this model can produce teachers who are better able to articulate their reasoning for pedagogical choices drawing on both school-based and research-based evidence.