Participation of children with disabilities, their parents, and teachers in a Viennese research study

Year: 2012

Author: Kramann, Michaela

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


In Austria, the data collected consist of over 100 interviews. Nineteen cases (each including one child, parent, teacher) are studied in different special education settings (inclusive, segregated). The research process differs in relation to the two countries investigated given that the data collection was influenced by power relations and contextual factors. The cooperation between schools, parents, children and researcher posed problems that resemble issues addressed in the interview data itself, i.e., hierarchical structures, parental involvement and reputation of teachers in society. In particular, the reported handling of parents' choice on school types reflects specific characteristics of Austria´s school system. It will be discussed how societal and cultural conditions influence the research process as well as the school life of children with disabilities.