LEAP21 professional learning in Finland

Year: 2012

Author: Kankaanranta, Marja, Mikkonen, Inka, Norrena, Juho

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


21st century skills are highlighted in the Finnish national core curriculum. Collaboration, problem solving and ICT are mentioned many times as a part of required skill areas and cross-curricular themes. Nevertheless, results from ITL research show that opportunities to learn 21st century skills are still quite limited, and that innovation within schools tends to take place at the individual teacher level.

The goal of ITL-LEAP21 in Finland was to introduce the idea of teaching 21st century skills in a practical way and to support innovation that occurs at the school level, with school-level autonomy to design implementation. During a two-day workshop the participants created their own innovative assignments, which were then used in participant teachers' classrooms after the workshop. Results from interviews, observations, and questionnaires will describe changes in teaching practice and how the ITL-LEAP21 model has engaged teachers and principals focused on school development.