Capturing talent: Thinking about attraction and retention strategies for teachers in changing times

Year: 2012

Author: Johnson ,Bruce, Simons, Michele, Daly, Tony

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


The recent release of the Productivity Commission Report on Schools Workforce emphasised the importance of raising the quality of teachers and increasing the effectiveness of teachers as key to improving educational outcomes for students. Efforts to increase the quality of the teaching workforce, in part, lie in the development of effective strategies to attract high quality candidates to the profession. This is particularly important where attraction strategies are 'married' with efforts to attract people to teach in hard to staff areas or to fill posts where there are shortages of qualified teachers for particular curriculum specialisations.

This paper will explore the range of strategies that are currently promoted by education systems from across Australia to address the issue of attracting candidates to the teaching profession. This paper will describe the outcomes from a benchmarking process where these strategies were assessed using the outcomes of research from the national and international human resource development literature that examined a range of attraction strategies utilised in selected occupations outside of education. The outcomes of this analysis will be examined for its potential to inform improvements or new initiatives which might be adopted by education systems to enhance their efforts to attract the best candidates to the teaching profession.