Anti-Racism project presentation 1

Year: 2012

Author: Hoekstra, Thomas

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


This project is situated in an academically selective high school comprising 63 teaching staff and 918 students. 80% of the student population are from Language Backgrounds Other than English (LBOTE). The school team will report on the findings from their action research question: Can a collaborative learning task for year 7 students of different cultural backgrounds increase the willingness for cross-group interaction amongst students?  In this project, Year 7 students are the focus of an intervention that seeks to build on students' cultural awareness by teaming them up with peers from other cultural backgrounds. In 2-4 guidance classes involving between 30-60 participants, students pair across individual classes and cultural backgrounds to work on a variety of projects. Project participants develop profiles of each other and present this information to their classes at a culminating end of year event. The purpose of this task from the perspective of the students will be to create a picture of year 7 that can be revisited in later years. Year 7 Advisors provide scaffolds for the weekly tasks throughout the project. The project team observes and reviews this intervention by conducting ongoing observations and by asking students' to reflect on the intervention in informal interviews and in responses to a project team survey.