Academic english language proficiency—Assessment and relationship to mathematics achievement of english language learner school students: An international perspective

Year: 2012

Author: Grant, Rosalie, Cook, Gary, Phakiti, Aek, Chisholm, Murray

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


Educating immigrant school students whose home languages are different to those used in schools presents major challenges for educators. Effective language education can be a key to overcoming the educational disadvantage of these students (OECD, p. 4). The research objectives were to (1) identify relationships between academic English language proficiency (AELP) and English language learners' (ELLs') mathematics achievement; (2) examine the stability of these relationships across 10 cohorts in two US states; and (3) through an international lens, explore implications for teaching. ELLs' level of English language proficiency precludes them from processing and acquiring unmodified grade level content in English.