A quick sideways look and wild grin': Joyful assemblages in moments of girlhood

Year: 2012

Author: Gannon, Susanne, Gottschall, Kristina, Gonick, Marnina

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


Ringrose (2011) argues that the concept of the "affective assemblage" brings together affect, embodiment and relationality in powerful ways to enable us to begin to trace how desire moves in and through the social. She argues that the affective capacities of assemblages can be 'life destroying' or 'life affirming'. In this paper we are interested in tracing life affirming flows of desire, moments of joy and possibility in moments of girlhood that exceed the present in which they are experienced and that have an openness to not-yet-known futures. In this project we work towards a feminist theory whose 'virtuality remains alluring and filled with potential for the present and future' (Grosz, 2010, p. 48). We interrogate moments, or 'mo(ve)ments' of becoming (Davies and Gannon, 2006), that even though they are embedded in everyday familiar experiences,  provoke discursive, affective and embodied shifts that are open-ended, unexpected and surprising, and whose significance is not known at the time they are initially experienced.


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