Use of "10T Sigaram" ICT portal to improve the reading skills of pupils and encourage learner independence.

Year: 2012

Author: Ganesan, Theivanai

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


This research describes the involvement of a team of Tamil teachers in overseeing the success of a student-centred ICT portal named "10T Sigaram". This portal was initiated to leverage the use of ICT in promoting pupils' interest in Tamil Language and improve their reading skills in an interactive environment. It adopts a student-centred model which is well-balanced with teachers' guidance whilst facilitating independent, differentiated learning and peer interaction.

The teachers involved in the project discussed and reflected on the lesson that was carried out for the target group (Primary 1 pupils). Various research materials together with pre and post data findings were used to ascertain that the portal was indeed effective.  Through this research the teachers affirmed that the portal does help pupils to improve their reading skills and encourage learner independence.