The contrastive study between written feedback given by language and non-language teachers on essay of students in the higher education

Year: 2012

Author: Gabinete, Karen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


One cannot overemphasize the importance of providing corrective feedback on essays of students in order to effect improvement on their writing skills. This paper presents the difference in the nature of feedback given by Language and non-Language teachers on essays of students in the tertiary level. The result of the survey and actual corrections given on students' essays reveal a contrast between the stand of Language and non-Language teachers. While Language teachers focus more on local issues when giving corrective feedback, non-Language teachers do not make clear feedback at all. In some cases, no feedbacks were provided. Non-Language teachers may find it time-consuming to discuss errors in grammar, as they are more concerned with subject matter at hand, leaving the task of correcting the writing skills of their students to Language teachers.

keyword: written feedback