Multi-country comparisons of the transition from school to working life of young people with disabilities: Identifying unsolved methodological problems and desiderata

Year: 2012

Author: Fasching, Helga

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


Cross-national comparative research on school-to-work transitions of people with disabilities is faced with several fundamental challenges. While the mentioned population is openly or implicitly excluded from most cross-sectional and longitudinal cross-national studies in relevant research fields, the few existing cross-national studies focusing on people with disabilities point to various methodological problems which are of interest to comparative educational research in general.  In this presentation, I will a.) present key data from a cross-national, comparative study on school-to-work transitions of people with disabilities in German-speaking countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) and b.) discuss methodological problems and research desiderata arising from evident data limitations and inconsistencies.