PROJECT MIHI (Multiple Intervention for Hearing Impaired)

Year: 1992

Author: Mohi, John H, McCudden, Matewai, Glynn, Ted

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Project MIHI is a collaborative project between Health, Education and parents of children in kohanga reo (Maori language nests). The target group is those children with otitis media with effusions (OME). Project MIHI aims to introduce or activate hearing test referral networks and to empower parents/whanau/caregivers to effectively develop their children's language so that they can minimise the educational sequelae of OME. Strategies are presented orally, visually, electronically and link the findings from scientific study to the wisdom of our ancestors. The project, a three month intervention, is evaluated in terms of the management of OME, the hearing of the children, and the integrity of the programme as judged by Maori people.