Lì ti  Approach to TESOL Education

Year: 2012

Author: Chen, Xiafang

Type of paper: Abstract refereed


This paper uses lì ti  concept as a theoretical tool and addresses approaches to teacher-preparation education in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). This research is situated in Australia in relation to the current literature on TESOL education. Currently different theories are used in teacher-preparation in TESOL education, mainly including multiliteracies, socio-cultural theory and scaffolding, social view of language, and critical literacy. Given the change of context for TESOL education, updated and new approach is required in this sector. There are two main contexts for TESOL education in Australia and abroad as well: policy context and student context. With the development of new technologies, the increasing diversity of TESOL students in teacher education programs, and changing policies, TESOL education faces new challenges. This paper uses a Chinese metaphor and proposes lì ti teaching and research approach to tertiary TESOL education in the new context in Australia. This lì ti concept provides a dynamic multi-dimensional approach to TESOL education.